Letter writer backs Lindbergh’s purchase of former Johnny’s site

To the editor:

Regarding Crestwood Ward 1 Alderman Darryl Wallach’s letter that was published Feb. 4, had Mr. Wallach attended a series of meetings of the St. Louis County Council regarding the former Johnny’s Market site, his questions might have been different.

For example: Consider the location of Lindbergh Schools’ school buildings and you will find the site to represent the hub of a wheel. What better way to serve the schools and community than a central location?

Lindbergh’s schools are recognized as being among the best in the state and since this site is the gateway to Grant’s Farm, it can only be a plus for this building to represent quality education.

Yes, St. Louis County did lose a possible revenue source when the County Council dropped from consideration a measure for a 24/7 gas station and convenience store.

But there are times when one must look beyond the immediate, and it may not always equal a dollar sign.

A bonus for the surrounding area is that this will be a lasting tribute to a family business of 68 years.