Lembke a true statesman, letter writer says

While reading Mr. Organ’s Oct. 16 letter to the editor in which he attacked Jim Lembke, I found myself dismayed and amused. The Jim Lembke I know is the opposite of the man described.

Jim Lembke is a true statesman, not just another politician. He truly cares about people and the issues affecting them. After receiving input from people regarding the emissions testing program, Jim wrote and introduced legislation to change it. Now people can have emissions testing done while getting a safety inspection on their car.

Jim Lembke is an energetic go-getter. As representative, he has worked to cut government waste, enforce immigration laws, provide property tax relief, eliminate taxes on pensions and retirement funds and protect the unborn. He’s worked to improve health care and education funding, promoted legislation that helped create new jobs and expanded economic opportunities for Missourians and worked on behalf of the disabled community.

He’s been very vocal on the trash districting and trash transfer issues, actively participating in both. When Jim Lembke sees work needing to be done, he rolls up his sleeves and does it. That’s the kind of state senator we need. During Jim’s political career, he’s walked many neighborhoods and knocked on many doors. Now he wants to be your state senator so he can continue representing you in Jefferson City.

I urge you to join me in voting for him.

Cindy Trebus