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Lanane says Lindbergh’s Prop A all about keeping promises, all about kids

To the editor:

Lindbergh’s Proposition A is all about kids and keeping the promise to them to provide a good education.

Hopefully, the continuing distortion of facts will not cloud the common-sense judgment of the Lindbergh citizens.

The facts are these:

• Voters last approved an operating tax levy — for day-to-day operations — in August 1993.

• The tax — per state requirements — was levied for one school year (1993-1994) and then was voluntarily rolled back by the Board of Education for a decade.

• The operating levy increase will be used to: Maintain the core academic programs, recruit and retain the best teachers and meet state and federal mandates for reading and mathematics. In addition, all the money generated will stay in Lindbergh with no money being sent to the state.

• The single best measure of fiscal re-sponsibility is the amount of money spent per pupil and the results that have been achieved. Of the 23 St. Louis County school districts, Lindbergh has the lowest tax rate and ranks 14th in spending.

Academically, Lindbergh has received the state’s ranking of Distinction in Perfor-mance for four years in a row. Last year 94 percent of the seniors went on to college, and the dropout rate was less than 2 percent.

The Lindbergh community is a great place to live and raise a family.

This is due in large part to the strong sense of civic responsibility demonstrated by the residents.

Please keep the promise alive for those youngsters of our community that attend the Lindbergh schools.

Proposition A is all about promise keeping. Proposition A is all about kids.

Patrick Lanane

assistant superintendent

chief financial officer

Lindbergh School District

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