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Just ask the aliens who is causing global warming, writer suggests


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Tired of humanity being made the cause of global warming? Tired of the left trying to use this issue to create a one-world socialist state? Don’t believe your gasburning vehicle and meat from flatulent cows are dooming our planet?

Well, here’s the unexplored answer to this question and many more — why not ask the aliens?

Today the media is overflowing with programs and interviews regarding the alien presence, its history, influence, and now photographic evidence of UFOs interacting with our fighter jets. Why don’t we just ask them? They seem to live in the oceans and under Antarctica — maybe they are the ones causing the “warming”/ “climate change.” Maybe we’re entirely innocent of what really causes climate changes — the politicians citing the wrong phenomena.

Since our government has now acknowledged that these aliens exist, shouldn’t we put on hold all the political, economic maneuvering and questionable “science” until we can get the real answers from them?

I’d sure hate to turn the Earth into a oneworld socialist state only to find out later it was the aliens all along that had been manipulating our weather — dont’cha think?

And while we’re at it, why not ask them where modern humans and civilizations came from? Did we really evolve from monkeys? Who really built the pyramids?

Can boys really be girls by just saying they are? Think about it — what questions would you want to ask them?

Really, why should we spend our time, energy, and money on such endeavors when the answers may lie right under our noses or oceans. Asking the aliens could be so liberating. In fact, even now as I’m writing this I’m feeling less despondent and responsible for the Earth’s future.

Milton Rudi

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