If Missourians are against right-to-work, why elect politicians for it?


To the editor:

On Aug. 7, 67.5 percent of Missourians voted against Proposition A, right-to-work.

Missourians elected an overwhelming majority of Republicans to their state Legislature who put the right-to-work bill on the governor’s desk to begin with.

Missourians elected a Republican governor (who has since resigned) by nearly a 6-percent margin that signed the bill into law. Missourians elected Donald Trump by nearly a 20-point margin. How does a state that is so overwhelmingly against an issue like “right-to-work” vote so overwhelmingly in favor of candidates that so openly support it?

Colin Milligan

Brookfield, Connecticut

Editor’s note: Mr. Milligan is the son of Call Publisher Deborah Baker and Call General Manager Bill Milligan.