If Hoffman can do this outside Jefferson City, what if she’s elected?

Letters to the Editor


To the editor and residents:

In response to Mr. Theodorakos’ June 25 letter, while I commend my state representative, David Gregory, for designing a flood navigation website (mofloodnavigator.com), I am confused by its creation as we have a state flood navigation site (www.mo.gov/safety/disasters/flood-workpage) that essentially has the same information. Why use campaign funds to recreate the wheel? Wouldn’t Mr. Gregory’s flood initiatives be better addressed using his position as a lawmaker in Jefferson City?

In comparison, Erica Hoffman, along with the Sierra Club, worked with two area Republicans in Jefferson City to create a bill that would address our area’s flooding problems by limiting development in flood plains. While the bill has not passed yet, it continues to gain momentum. In addition, she helped defeat the Maryland Heights tax-increment financing proposal last fall in which Maryland Heights asked for county dollars to go towards building a new development in a flood plain. She was also on Fox 2 News early this year bringing awareness to the impact of development on flood plains in our community.

If this is what Erica Hoffman can do outside of Jefferson City, just think of what she can do if elected. My vote is for Ms. Hoffman.

Jessica Huff