Hilmer, Stegman have performed exactly as promised, reader says

“Thugs” and “bullies” may have been employed by the Mehlville Fire Protection District in the past, and it’s possible that one or more malcontents may still be actively employed.

Hopefully, the present Board of Directors will weed out these employees, and I say “good riddance” to any of these employees who exist and elect to terminate their employment by retirement or resignation.

I anxiously look forward to the next round of elections for the Board of Directors of the Mehlville Fire Protection District, and will once again be more than willing to open my checkbook and support the likes of Aaron Hilmer and Bonnie Stegman. I certainly feel that I got a “fair shake” for my votes. Both of them have performed exactly as promised.

As a voting resident, I take offense to the letter by former Lt. Joanne M. Evans, EMT-P, that anyone who voted for Bonnie Stegman doesn’t deserve the fine and loyal employees who remain.

In fact, I totally respect these specific employees, while admiring and praising the work that they do. It’s the “thugs” and “bullies” that need to retire or resign.

Dennis J. Ward