Heed these tips to keep your home free of pests

The arrival of cooler weather this fall means pests may be targeting your house for a warm hideout.

Pest-proofing your home now can prevent these unwanted guests from settling in for the winter.

Consider these tips to prevent winter pest guests from entering and nesting in your home:

• Seal or repair cracks in siding, faulty door/window screens and gaps around pipes entering the home.

• Trim branches, plants and bushes to remove any natural pathways for pests to get indoors.

• Inspect firewood carefully to avoid bringing roaches and other pests inside.

• Keep mulch several feet from your home to avoid attracting insects to this moist habitat.

• Clean counters and dishes and tightly seal leftovers.

• Rinse recyclable containers before storing.

• Pick up and store pet food overnight.

• Empty garbage and vacuum frequently.