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Green Park awards bid for selective slab replacement at industrial park

Green Park City Hall

The City of Green Park is in the process of replacing several concrete slabs in the city’s industrial park. 

Road crews will be conducting selective slab replacement at the Green Park Commerce Center sometime in the future. City Administrator James Mello and City Engineer Derrick Madej told the Board of Aldermen last November the city would do selective slab replacement at the commerce center, and would use 8 inches of concrete on top of the subgrade rather than the current 6 inches. 

“Derrick and I went down to the industrial park about three or four weeks ago and identified about two dozen areas to replace … (and) we’ll probably tackle a few more than we’ve identified,” said Mello at a board meeting earlier this year. “But it will probably take care of the worst areas of the industrial park.” 

Because of current construction with Alcatraz Trucking, which operates out of the center, the center’s cul-de-sac also will not be improved until sometime next year. 

“We decided not to repair where Alcatraz is going to do that lot consolidation,” said Madej. “We don’t want to put down new pavement right before they’re gonna start construction on that site, so that cul-de-sac will need to be replaced sometime in the future.”

At a board meeting in February, Madej told aldermen that he and Mello had finished driving through the industrial park and identifying all the slabs that will need to be replaced. 

“The project involves the removing and replacing of 8 inches of pavement,” said Madej. 

Madej added that they will use “P.C.C. Pavement,” also known as Portland cement concrete, or rigid pavement that is in direct contact with traffic. 

To help the improvements last longer, dowel bar baskets on a 4-inch stone base approved by the Missouri Department of Transportation will also be used. 

Previous concrete slabs at the commerce center used only 6 inches of concrete with no base or dowel bars for additional support, said Madej. 

In July, the city awarded a $268,463.50 bid for the selective slab replacement project to Green Park-based R.V. Wagner Inc. via an unanimous vote of the Board of Aldermen.

In all, the city received bids from two contractors for the project — the bid from R.V. Wagner, as well as a $263,235 bid from Raineri Construction. 

Madej said that while Raineri’s bid appeared to be lower, their unit price is higher than Wagner’s and it isn’t unusual for projects to exceed the quantity of slabs in a bid, meaning Raineri’s could end up costing more over-all. Madej added that the city had also worked with Wagner in the past and that the company had done a good job, while the city has no experience with Raineri.

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