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Green Park aldermen’s confusion over trash issue ‘is of their own making’

To the editor:

At the February Green Park Board of Aldermen meeting, it was decided that the city would pay for one-time-a-week trash and recycling for all city residents.

This vote was approved by all the aldermen with the exception of Mr. (Fred) Baras. Before you start singing their praises, here is a little background on what got us to this point. At every board meeting from September to January, the board firmly opposed — with the exception of Alderman (Judy) Betlach — the city paying for waste-hauling service.

At the February meeting, Alderman (Bob) Reinagel spoke regarding “confusion with the trash issue.” I believe the confusion is of their own making. There are no accusations being made; these are just plain facts.

Once the bids were submitted, the city rushed into getting the ordinance signed for trash and recycling in Green Park.

There were many issues that were not cut and dried, thus sticking the city with a signed contract before all the issues were ironed out. Citizen voices were ignored.

Now the city is locked in contract. American Eagle is not going to lower its prices because city officials failed to do their homework and come up with a solid resolution. All options should have been discussed and negotiated before the contract was signed. Mr. Reinagel states in February that after more closely studying the issues, etc., he now believes once-per-week trash service and recycling can be paid for by the city.

Why wasn’t it studied before the contract was signed? All of these issues should have been known beforehand. We are told that it’s a free service with no cost to the citizens. However, we are paying for the waste service through our taxes.

The challenges that moved the candidates appear to be self-serving in anticipation of the upcoming election. Think about it. Why the change of heart? Could it be they want to stay in office? Should they?

Personally, no, I do not feel they have the residents’ best interests at heart. This is a city, and we as residents have elected these officials and should hold them accountable.

Another important issue that has been discussed at board meetings is the Green Park Road “improvement” project.

The mayor leaves no room for discussion despite many unknowns on this project.

Nothing is discussed nor investigated. When the mayor wants it to go to a vote, it goes and he hopes it is passed right away. If there are any discrepancies stated, they’re not listened to.

As you can see in the press, our voices are starting to be heard. Don’t let our officials get away with this anymore. We need to make them listen, make them work for the people — not the businesses — of Green Park. This is our city, and we have a right to know what is going on, how it is handled and how it is governed. Green Park is not a subdivision association. It is a city and should be governed as such.

We need to continue to work to get our city back on track. Making the board reevaluate its position is a good step forward.

The election is April 3 — please take the time to vote. I know it will take time out of your already-busy schedules, but please make the effort. It will be worth it for us all.

Sue Koehler

Green Park

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