Gates Manor redevelopment approved


By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

An 11-lot subdivision in Sunset Hills named Gates Manor is up for redevelopment after the Planning and Zoning Commission approved a preliminary plat Dec. 1.

The proposal would see the demolition of the 11 homes currently in the subdivision, and the construction of 15 homes. The new lots would still be acceptable within the area’s R-4 zoning. 

Assistant Planner Lynn Sprick said the petitioner will need variances on 12 lots for front and rear setbacks, and variances on building coverages for all 15 lots. Sprick said the city has inspected the streets and sidewalks in the area and would request an escrow from the petitioner for any damages during construction. The proposal is split into two plats.

The site has been eyed in the past by different developers. Attorney Tom O’Toole Jr., representing the petitioner Pentrex, said the petitioner listened to an inquiry from September for the site and created a proposal based on talking points from that meeting.

The September inquiry was not an official proposal to the board, but the plan was to have 26 villas within the site and a zoning change to PD-RC, which would require a host of variances and text amendments to city code. O’Toole said Pentrex learned from this and designed a proposal with less changes required from the city.

Angelica Dopuch, a member of the subdivision committee on Werkdale Drive, said houses in Gates Manor are abandoned and in disrepair, but she would like to discuss with her neighbors to think of additional questions. 

Theresa Reich, who lives in Gates Manor, asked what will happen to tenants living in the neighborhood. 

“It is my understanding that the tenants are month to month right now,” developer Tom Wolfner said. “The reason we are doing plat one and plat two … would allow the people in plat two to stay there longer.”

Wolfner said he would work with tenants to ensure they have plenty of time to prepare to move out. 

The commission unanimously approved the preliminary subdivision plan with an escrow to cover street repairs.