Former Mehlville Board of Education member says ‘yes’ on Prop E

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

I want to thank Call Newspapers for their ‘indisputable’ endorsement of Prop E. Their long support of our school district is invaluable.

The passage of Prop E is vitally important to help our district be more competitive with recruiting and retaining employees. The Mehlville School District has had difficulty with uncompetitive pay for teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, custodians, maintenance workers, and across the board.

Mehlville has a history of being a training ground for new teachers, only to lose them to another district over uncompetitive pay.

Mehlville has the lowest blended tax rate in all the 22 school districts in St. Louis County.

We can help fix this by voting yes on Prop E. As the old saying goes, “so goes your school district, so goes your community”.

It is in our best interest, as citizens of our community, to provide top notch schools for our children so they have a chance to succeed in this world we live in. Please, do vote for Prop E.

Daniel S. Fowler

Editor’s note: Daniel S. Fowler served nine years on the Mehlville Board of Education.