Former alderman has advice for new aldermen: make your own decisions


To the editor:

As the former Ward 4 alderman for Sunset Hills, I was a bit disappointed to see that the newest alderman, Lindsay Hof’s first priority is going to be addressing speeding in the city? It appears that she thinks there are larger problems to deal with.

Her concerns about the direction of the city under Mayor Fribis are unwarranted. Under Mayor Fribis: A new city administrator was hired and is doing an excellent job. A new police chief was hired and has strengthened the department with top notch officers. Working with the chief they negotiated a contract to take over the Crestwood Police Department’s dispatching duties.

Our public works director continues to do a great job as well as our parks and recreation director. They both have applied and received, federal and state grants for the improvement of our parks and our streets. All of this under the direction of Mayor Fribis.

As far as the proposed rugby lease, Hof is dead wrong concerning the handling of it by the mayor. The mayor did the right thing concerning the lease, she abided by the traffic study.

Most of what Alderman Hof states is simply not true. I don’t know how Alderman Hof can possibly say that under Mayor Fribis the city is not moving in a good direction when she has not served under the mayor and only listens to one side. As Alderman Hof has stated her information is only based on what Alderman Lieber and other board members have told her.

My suggestion to new aldermen: spend your first year listening and making your own decisions, you are working and representing not just your ward but the entire city of Sunset Hills.

Thompson Price

Sunset Hills 

Editor’s note: Price was the Ward 4 alderman from 2016-2022.