Former alderman addresses comments made about him by Pickel

To the editor:

During the July 22 Crestwood Board of Aldermen meeting, former Ward 2 Alderman Chris Pickel noted that I served under four city administrators and then stated that I “… initially supported all these individuals and in most cases …” I later changed my mind.

Not exactly accurate, Chris. First, there were more than four, and second it was not “most.”

Your public comments left me with a decision to make, Chris: Respond to the innuendo or let it lie. I decided to respond, as to let it lie would leave the perception that I change my mind willy-nilly.

You can downplay my change of mind on City Administrator Mark Sime, if you wish. However, the real issue at hand is whether my recent change of mind regarding Mr. Sime is warranted or not. I believe it is.

My change of mind is based on Mr. Sime’s performance since he was hired in early 2013. In retrospect, I admit I was a party to a hiring mistake and it is now time to take corrective action.

My decision to speak out did not come quickly or easily, nor was it taken lightly.

To recap my position, this June, a little over a year after leaving office, I stated at a Board of Aldermen meeting that I had lost confidence in Mr. Sime. I outlined six events for my change of mind and they were clearly reported in the July 10 edition of the Call.

As of today you can add two more regrettable employee resignations to the list: the recent resignations of both the city clerk and the public works engineering technician.

Still, there is a lot more that could be said.