Follow these hints to organize your closet

You may be better able to win the race for storage space with your closet if you heed a few hints.

Although everyone’s closet storage dilemmas vary, a systematic method of organizing your stuff can lead to the highest level of efficiency. Besides, when your closet is clutter free, your mornings can run more smoothly, giving you the right mindset to tackle the day.

• As you begin to sort through the contents of your closet, remember the 80/20 rule: You wear 20 percent of your clothes 80 percent of the time. The rest just takes up valuable, reachable space.

• Arrange your collection by category, grouping shirts, pants, suits, dresses and so on. Depending on your wardrobe, you also can separate casual clothes from those you wear to work or on special occasions.

• Add a center tower of shelving on each wall for frequently used items. It creates a place for folded things such as T-shirts.

• Pants, shirts and dresses can be kept on hang rods, making them easier to access.

• Upper storage shelving — above the highest hanging rod — can be for seasonal clothes you use less often.

• Shoes worn most often should be the easiest to reach. Keep special party shoes or rarely used running shoes on the floor or way up high.