Fire district resident encouragers others to vote for incumbent

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

In his 2021 Call questionnaire, Fred Baumgarth indicated that he had attended zero fire board meetings. In his 2023 Call questionnaire, he indicated that he had attended “not many’ meetings. Not many is equal to zero, I have confirmed this fact. Therefore zero meetings attended in the past four years.

Why attend fire board meetings? The fire board meetings are on of the very best places to learn what is going on in the fire district. As a no-show, Baumgarth has no real grasp as to the operating parameters for the district. In 2022, there were over 15,000 EMS calls responded to and over 2,000 fire-related calls. With a massic number of emergencies, MFPD has provided superior services.

Attending no board meetings equals being clueless regarding the district’s emergency services to taxpayers, such as the mobile integrated health/community paramedic program and the critical care paramedic program.

How about a debate? Another great way to understand what a person running for this office can do to get his message to voters is via a debate. In 2021, Baumgarth refused to directly debate the other candidate.

I am voting for Aaron Hilmer. It is very clear he has done an amazing job.

As a senior citizen, I have had the need of these series for both medical and fire on several occasions. I was very satisfied with their help.

If you haven’t read The Call’s questionnaire for 2021 (Baumgarth vs. Director Bonnie Stegman) and this year’s 2023 questionnaire, I suggest you do so.

Arthur Kuhn