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Finds PR director’s choice of podium ‘ironic’

To the editor:

How ironic that Patrick Wallace chooses the Call to use as his podium to pass out accolades to the Mehlville Board of Ed-ucation and the candidates for the April school board election.

This is the — I use the title very loosely — director of school/community relations for the same Mehlville School District that has charged the Call for public information and then retaliated against the Call for criticizing the activities of not only the very same Board of Education, but also of the Central Office Administration that brainwashes its own employees regarding the “lack of credibility” that the Call has.

Then to “thank” Karl Frank Jr. for putting his name on the ballot.

Come on, Patrick. We were not born yesterday. Who will you be working a poll for this April?

My money says it won’t be Karl.

I guess Mr. Wallace’s letter is his best attempt at “directing” school and community relations, but I just wish he would quit embarrassing our school district in the ed-ucation community with his lack of ability.

He has done more harm than any other single individual with his temper tan-trums, lack of professionalism and embarrassing articles on his own children in all manner of press releases.

At least (Superintendent) Mr. (Tim) Rick-er has the ability to keep out of sight to avoid more embarrassment.

I realize that not all employees have the luxury that I did to work for Mehlville simply because I was passionate about my job and the school district. Most of the em-ployees have financial responsibilities that keep them from speaking out, and Central Office plays the intimidation game very well.

As a former volunteer, former parent and former employee of the Mehlville School District, it was nice to hear from Mr. Ken Sudholt in last week’s Call, but I wonder what it will take to get other people to de-mand more from the Central Office staff and the Board of Education.

Not until there is a demand for the same kind of excellence that we expect from our students will the Mehlville School District be the great district that we all know it can be.

Sandy Fowler


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