Fans of the Panthers and Flyers came in ‘huge’ crowds last week

By Jeff Stahlhut

If you didn’t get to see the great game between Lindbergh and Mehlville last weekend you missed an excellent contest, and you were one of the few that didn’t make it out.

Lindbergh, as is the case most of the time when two great teams get together, had a huge crowd that overflowed deep behind the fences, and the folks at Mehlville turned out in huge numbers, too.

Despite the rain and some early-season jitters that led to mistakes for both teams, there were several flashes of stardom in the game on both sides, and there is a great chance these teams will meet again in the playoffs.

It was without question worth the time, rain and traffic we all had to endure to take it in.

Also on Friday night, Vianney posted another huge win and has a chance to really get noticed in its game against CBC this weekend.

If you are a fan of St. Louis prep football (as opposed to rooting for the teams from the Kansas City area), take a look at the way districts are set up.

If Vianney were to go on a run and reach the Class 5 finals this year, it will do it through Kansas City, not St. Louis.

So, for those keeping track, Vianney will not have to worry about Hazelwood East, Webster Groves or any other local Class 5 team until the Show-Me-Bowl.

Sure, it’s early, but the idea of two St. Louis area teams meeting in the Show-Me-Bowl in any class is enough to make area fans smile. If you have no other reason that this, we should all start rooting for Vianney.

Local Big Five

1) Lindbergh (2-0) – Though Mehlville made some mistakes, the Flyers found a way to win against one of — if not their top — rivals. There is no time for celebration, though, because the schedule does not get much easier. Next up: at 7 p.m. Friday at Parkway Central.

2) Mehlville (1-1) — Losing to Lind-bergh in a close contest does not and should not move the Panthers any lower in the rankings.

This team still has a great chance to play deep into November. Next up: 7:30 p.m. Friday when the Panthers play host to Parkway West.

3) Vianney (2-0) — Vianney is off to a great start, but will face a huge test against a much-improved team from CBC this weekend. Going 3-0 would send a loud message to the rest of Class 5. Next up: 7 p.m. Friday at CBC.

4) Affton (2-0) — Week one was a fluke. Affton will have more games that look like the Pacific score (48-0) than the one-point win to open the season.

Class 4 fans should keep a close eye on the Cougars. Next up: 1 p.m., Saturday, the Cougars play host to Troy.

5) Oakville (0-2) — There are too many tough games on the schedule for the Tigers to show their potential in the wins and losses column, but they will need to pull one off this week before the season starts to get away from them. Next up: 7 p.m. Friday, the Tigers play host to University City.