Family realizes tangible benefits from Metro

On Oct. 16, Mike Anthony wrote: “Until south county residents see tangible benefits … no Metro proposal will generate enough momentum to leave the station.”

As a south county resident who uses Metro daily, here is my experience. We have basically parked our second — and less-fuel-efficient — car for the past six months. I no longer help to corral my three children into two different cars to drive to their respective day care/schools with my husband in one car and I in the other.

We no longer follow each other down the road until we part ways a few measly miles from our respective workplaces. I no longer chastise myself for never finding even 15 minutes to get a little exercise.  Instead, we all leave together as a family in one car.

We make a few quick stops and wish each member of our family good day. Then, my husband and I have 30 minutes of “grown-up” conversation — how delightful. He arrives to work and I catch the bus the rest of the way to my workplace.

In the evening, he picks up our children and I take the bus or MetroLink home. I no longer fight traffic and rarely worry about filling up the gas tank for our mini-van.

Finally, I get a brisk walk home, courtesy of the Ten Toes Express.

Increased family time, regular exercise, lower transportation costs. No tangible benefits?

This south county family has realized several. Yes on Prop M.

Amy Parker

south county