Experts provide tips to organize your garage

Experts say that for many, the garage is becoming a family-friendly space that serves a variety of functions.

Experts say that for many, the garage is becoming a family-friendly space that serves a variety of functions.

In the flurry of today’s active family lifestyles, it is clear that the garage is no longer just the domain of the family car.

For many households, this versatile space is used by every member of the family. It has become the logical place to store tools and gear for sports, hobbies, yard work and playtime, along with out-of-season items that would otherwise take up room inside the home.

However, with so much to hold and family members coming and going all the time, the challenge is to keep this space neat and well organized.

To help, experts offer these garage design tips:

• Establish the transition area — the space that’s reserved for hanging coats, storing shoes and boots and setting down packages, groceries or mail when you’re opening the door.

• Next, determine a need-it-now area for quick and easy access to things like dog food and leashes, water bottles and other beverages, or recycling bins.

• Decide which area is best for long, thin yard and maintenance tools like shovels, rakes and clippers.

• Identify elevation zones, creating a storage area for large items that may be stored out of the way for months at a time, such as coolers, camping gear and holiday decorations. Reserve easy-to-reach areas for the kids to keep their sports equipment.

• Plan an area for frequently used items such as active gear, outdoor games and cleaning supplies.

• Stake out a workspace for hobbies and interests. From gardening to fishing, woodworking or automotive work, designate a space for organizing tools and supplies needed to work on these projects.

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