Annual Fall Sports Preview highlights importance of community newspapers

Erin’s Edit


By Erin Achenbach, News Editor

This week, Call Newspapers presents its 33rd annual Fall Sports Preview, a special section that highlights the achievements and upcoming seasons of young athletes from Lindbergh, Oakville and Mehlville high schools. 

The Fall Sports preview is an annual tradition that is imagined as a keepsake for families to hold onto for years to come and it is part of The Call’s comprehensive coverage of all aspects of local issues, from local government, to education and to news of record such as wedding and birth announcements and obituaries. 

Between driving around to several practices over the past two weeks to get team photos and interview coaches, I was reminded about the importance of community newspapers and the service newspapers like The Call provide to their local communities. Local sports, local news, all of the news of record and other public interest stories you can’t read anywhere else will always have a place in The Call. 

Many people hold onto clippings of articles and briefs from their local papers to be placed in scrapbooks and cherished for years to come. We hope that can be the case with The Fall Sports Preview. And more than that, we hope that The Call can continue to be a resource that brings communities together, one that sheds light on more “contentious” topics out of responsibility to truth and accountability while simultaneously celebrating the achievements and life happenings of community members, students and student-athletes.  

A community without a local newspaper has less information about what is going on around it because there are fewer stories, fewer connections about sports teams, school achievements, government business and zoning developments.

From hard-hitting news to births to high school sports and engagements, anniversaries and beyond, The Call will continue to document the milestones our readers go through and the events that shape their communities. 

For those who are interested in submitting their news of record to The Call, go to and click on the form for the specific type of announcement you’d like to share. And then read it in The Call. Email items to