Election process needs to be looked into as Hawley asked after riots

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

I have an old mastiff that likes to sleep away his days on the living room carpet. He hardly makes a sound except when my two younger pups start to play in his vicinity, causing him to bark and growl at the ruckus they raise.

Now, I certainly appreciate the service to our state and country given by Jack Danforth, but for him to say endorsing U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley was “the biggest mistake of my life” sounds like another old dog that needs to go back to sleep.

If this election was the most secure and most legitimate in our country’s history, as the hysterical media claims, then I hardly see why there should be any reason rational people would be concerned with opening the books for a second look as Sen. Hawley has asked for.

Donald Trump’s failure to accept his loss and the sickening assault on the Capital building should in no way take away from the significance and frightening prospect of millions of Americans losing faith with the election process.

It must be enthusiastically shown to the light in unwavering detail for all to see in both this election and every one in the future and not with disdain for those who would dare question the results.

Brian Volansky