Electing Roy Robinson mayor ‘a huge mistake’

To the editor:

Citizens of Crestwood, wake up.

Electing Mr. Robinson was a huge mistake and the city will see a step backward and perhaps find it difficult to recover. I have lived in Crestwood since 1962, raised three children and enjoyed all Crestwood had to offer.

Yes, we have a huge problem. But Tom Fagan is a bright young man who has all the tools and insights to propel the city forward.

Mr. Fagan was exactly the type of person we needed to work with Westfield and others to rebuild the city, the very executives whose businesses Crestwood desperately needs. Mr. Fagan was only in office a short time, not enough time to get concrete results, but laid the groundwork.

Mr. Robinson will not be able to do this because he refuses to work with others. He has attacked and inaccurately described Mr. Fagan’s progress. Mr. Robinson has not verbalized a plan for the city. He attacked the proposition, but has no alternative.

Crestwood is becoming a discount and auto city, spiraling downward. I ask all citizens to read news and attend meetings. Learn the facts. Become informed.

I only hope that other intelligent, dedicated, hard-working residents like Tom Fagan will not turn from city participation because of what they witnessed this past election.

One last question: Who were the firemen at the polls? The one I spoke with said he was not from the Crestwood department.

Barbara Larson