ECM Construction deserves recognition for respect, says reader


To the editor:

My name is Steven Schwartz and I live on Sappington Barracks Road.

 I wanted to  write a letter of recognition to ECM Construction Company. They have been working for a long time on Sappington Barracks, replacing  the water main and the pipes and meters to everybody’s homes.  They have been very polite and courteous as they were working and really cared what they were doing to people’s yards during construction.

 My mother-in-law had just passed away and was being buried at Jefferson Barracks. As the funeral procession went down Sappington Barracks, as many other processions do everyday, the ECM Construction workers all faced the road and took off their safety helmets and held them to their chest until the whole procession passed. It was an incredible feeling to see such respect and honor they showed for my mother-in-law as we went past them … you just don’t see that type of behavior anymore and I just had to share it. 

I talked with Jason, one of the supervisors, and told him how we were so honored by their respect and how it made us feel. He told me that they do that every time a funeral procession passes them; he told me that the workers were mostly good old country boys and  they were raised to show respect. 

So I just thought their actions were deserving of your readers to see and hoped it could be posted in the newspaper to honor ECM Construction for their incredible act of honoring the dead and their families.

 Thanks so much.

Steven Schwartz