Ebert to add stability to Oakville squad

Brings vast coaching experience to Oakville High

Oakville High head coach Bill Ebert is looking to build on the Tigers tradition of strong girls tennis teams.

Oakville High head coach Bill Ebert is looking to build on the Tigers’ tradition of strong girls’ tennis teams.

By Robert Chalupny

For an Oakville Senior High School varsity girls’ tennis player entering her third season on the squad, this year would be no different than the last two years in that she has a new coach.

Last year, Nick Jannett, who now has moved on to Kirkwood’s tennis program, replaced longtime coach, Linda Gebauer.

Now, new to Oakville, but not new to tennis and with a long tenure over at Mehlville High, head coach Bill Ebert hopes to add some permanence to the Oakville girls’ tennis program.

“I’m excited because one, I want to give these girls an opportunity to have some stability. Over the last couple years, they’ve had some different coaches and I know I’m here for the long haul,” Ebert told the Call.

“I’m excited just because it’s something that’s brand new. I get to know these girls on a different level rather than in a classroom and I’m looking forward to that.”

Ebert is looking to build on Oakville’s tradition of strong teams.

“They’ve always had very strong teams, very competitive teams and I want to continue that in the future,” he said. “… I guess my one aspect that I bring is my experience. I’ve coached for 18 years, tennis, so I’m going to bring my knowledge and expertise and hopefully it will pay off.”

Ebert said he is optimistic about the group of players he has this year.

“I want us to do well in our conference tournament. I want us to be strong there. I want us to have a winning record. That’s always something I strive for and I know they do, too,” he said.

Abby Bergman, Carly Lanfersieck, Caitlin Knipp and Angela Groppe all return to the varsity squad this year and are expected to be contributors to that winning record for the Tigers.

Enthusiasm and skilled doubles play should be a strength for Oakville this fall.

“I see the enthusiasm in these girls here wanting to learn the sport. Hopefully, that will carry over for the whole year,” Ebert said. “I know these girls are good in doubles play. They are traditionally strong in that, so I’d like to see if we can get somebody in the singles end that’s strong.”