Driver would like to see better roads, streets in St. Louis County


To the editor:

It was terrifying and horrible driving home at 7 p.m. during the last rain we had. I drove from South City to Telegraph and Erb and the St. Louis streets and roads were horrible at night. Both in the city and county.

The driving lanes and lines are invisible at night and very dangerous while driving at night and even worse driving in the rain.

Is this the Missouri Department of Transportation’s responsibility or the city/county streets responsibility? Aldermen or councilmen or Jefferson City responsibility?

I thought we voted a while back to improve our roads and streets? Where did that money go? Whose wallet did it go in?

Wasn’t that increased gas tax suppose to go to improving our streets and roads? Use that money to buy good reflective paint, not cheap stuff to save money, to stripe our streets and roads to keep all drivers safe.

I’m surprised there aren’t more night-time accidents and fatalities with these poor lane stripings on our roads! Ridiculous!

Donna Werner