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Don’t lump reader in with ‘no-new-taxes-ever’ cheapskates, seniors

To the editor:

In a recent edition of the Mehlville Mini Messenger, outgoing Superintendent Tim Ricker laments the failure of Proposition A, noting that “our public either did not believe our need or just couldn’t support our students.”

Typically, he does not acknowledge that many concerned parents were fully aware of the need — but couldn’t support his administration or the current school board; or that there are people who want the best education for our children, but who realized that achieving the best meant making significant changes at the top.

I know the school district needs the money. I’m sure that soon enough the Mehlville school board and administration will seek a tax hike again.

We are past the last election. The superintendent has resigned. Two board members have been replaced. It’s time for all of us to ask ourselves, is that enough change?

We need to ask ourselves seriously if we even know what we’re talking about when we cry “accountability” and “openness.” Do we know what accountability and openness look like when we see them? My suggestion is that we all keep an open mind, and prepare to approve more money for our schools.

I do not want to be lumped into some sort of voting coalition with “no-new-taxes-ever” cheapskates and seniors who don’t see the benefit to themselves of better schools. Those groups can probably beat any tax question without my help.

If there is any chance of passage, it will take a unified effort among key stakeholders — and that means mostly families with children.

Those of us who claim to be concerned parents who would support more money for the school district when things change need to sit up now and pay attention.

I am optimistic that those changes are being made, and I look forward to supporting the district the next time it puts a tax increase on the ballot.

Tom Cooper


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