Democrats not doing enough for country; impeaching Trump is ‘lunacy’


Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

Each hate-rotted rant about impeachment bolsters President Trump’s chances for re-election. Independent voters such as myself are beyond fed up with the lunacy of a Democratic House that has done nothing for the country and everything — honest and otherwise — to usurp a duly elected president.

More credible evidence exists that then-Vice President Biden and his son were involved in a massive influence peddling scheme that went as far as interfering in another nation’s sovereignty than the two-year witch hunt fiasco.

The Democrats’ latest attempt at deflecting attention from Biden’s corruption is an unnamed person heard a rumor about a call between the president and the Ukrainian president. It is all “Certainly Not News” and that clown channel featuring Rachel Maddow can rant about.

At least they don’t have to worry about losing any more credibility. Cartoon Network beats both of them in ratings.

Doug Meyer