‘Deeper issues’ behind revolving door at Grantwood Village Town Hall

To the editor:

Yet another trustee has resigned from the Grantwood Village Board, bringing the count to six within roughly the last year.

Given that the full board complement is only five, it’s little exaggeration to say that there is now a revolving door at Town Hall. The latest departure has left the board with only three trustees, barely a quorum.

Chairwoman Cathy Forand, apparently commenting on the polite, but vague “family and career” justification most have tendered upon leaving, suggested that trustee positions are simply too demanding for “younger people” — as reported in the July 28 issue of the Call.

While I appreciate there is a good bit of work involved, this point hardly explains matters. For example, Mike Boone ably served for five years as combined street and building commissioner, all the while being employed full time as an engineer.

Incidentally, the duties of his old post are now being divided between two trustees.

No, there are deeper issues and unless and until the remaining board members can both explain these issues and demonstrate that they’ve been resolved, the constituencies of Grantwood Village should probably reconsider their confidence in the board’s ability to effectively govern.

Michael C. Wendl

Grantwood Village