Decision on Obama speech ‘shows regrettable lack of leadership’

To the editor:

The tortured logic used by Lindbergh Superintendent Jim Simpson to defend his decision to not show President Barack Obama’s education speech would sound more appropriate coming from Homer Simpson instead of the top administrator of a respected school district.

Overreacting to the hype and misinformation surrounding this speech shows a regrettable lack of leadership. Admitting his decisions can be influenced by some angry e-mails draws into question his ability to make the decisions that are best for the students and the school as a whole, and not to appease a particular interest group.

The convoluted scenario he imagined might take place in the classroom only reinforced the divisive partisan politics that is tearing this country apart today. To lower not only himself, but the entire school district to that level is sad.

In the closing part of the Call article on this subject, Simpson defended his decision and stated, “… We had a very normal day on Tuesday (Sept. 8). It was a normal learning day, 100 percent …”

Here is a thought: How about having a speech to your students from the president of the United States telling them to work hard, stay in school and take personal responsibility? That might be called extra credit, and you would have a 110-percent learning day. Doh!

Robert Bauer