Current treasurer is the state’s most-qualified resident to hold the job


Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

In a recent article you highlighted a local woman who is running for Missouri state treasurer, Vicki Englund. I’m writing to offer a window into our current state treasurer, Scott Fitzpatrick.

With my 30-plus year career in banking, investments and public finance, a lot of my work as a state legislator involves the state’s finances and has given me the opportunity to get to know Treasurer Fitzpatrick quite well.

It’s not very often in an election we’re offered the choice of one of the best people in the state for this job, but that’s exactly what we get with Treasurer Fitzpatrick.

During Scott’s time in the Missouri House of Representatives, he served as the chair of the House Budget Committee, where he was responsible for the drafting and passage of Missouri’s $28 billion annual operating budget. As budget chair, Scott quickly demonstrated his capacity for learning, directing and streamlining the juggernaut that is our state’s budget.

He balanced the budget and provided record funding to our schools, all while overseeing the implementation of historic tax relief for Missouri families and small businesses. No one knows it nor understands our state’s finances better than Treasurer Fitzpatrick.

Fortunately with Scott, voters get more than just the most qualified person for the job; they also get a good person. Scott is a proud husband to his wife, Mallory, and father of two boys, Luke and Carson.

While still in high school, Scott founded his own business that he grew to be a national industry leader. Out of the 6 million-plus people in the state of Missouri, I can think of no one more qualified and competent with a passion to serve the people of our state as treasurer than Scott Fitzpatrick. I hope voters will join me in giving him their support.

Rep. Michael O’Donnell