Crestwood resident to elected officials: Let the experts do their job

To the editor:

I am a 49-year-old Crestwood resident and have spent my entire professional career in the engineering and construction businesses.

The article regarding the reconstruction of Spellman Avenue is yet another example of a problem with our elected officials. This same body chased PGAV away from the mall fiasco, and now two aldermen questioned HR Green’s selection to provide construction inspection services for the Spellman project; one worried about the RFQ — Request for Qualifications — process and one wanting more insurance than is required by ordinance.

We hire and pay professionals to provide legal and technical advice regarding the expenditure of our money. Let them do their job.

PGAV is the best in the business dealing with redevelopment, and HR Green is a fantastic engineering firm — and the contractor selected, Gershenson, is as good as you will find.

The message to the politicians is simple: Let the experts do their job.

Your input is paralyzing the process and keeps great companies from wanting to do business in Crestwood, all of which is leading to the rapid deterioration of our town.