Crestwood mall redevelopment will benefit city, Lindbergh Schools

To the editor:

I am not part of our nation’s “1 percent,” but I am a longtime Crestwood resident, unlike Mark Kohring, whose letter was printed Dec. 15 in the Call.

We Crestwood residents have long enjoyed one of the lowest tax rates in the county because long ago, our aldermen lowered our tax rates. At that time — because Crestwood Plaza was so successful — Crestwood city services were well underwritten. No thanks to the awful management of Westfield and the last “mall” owner, what was the region’s third-largest-grossing mall became dormant and blighted.

No tax revenue for Crestwood nor Lindbergh Schools.

Thank goodness, the people who live in Crestwood were heard by our Board of Aldermen, which supported the UrbanStreet Group redevelopment plan.

Crestwood — and our school district — need retail development. It is on its way.

Lindbergh Schools is not hurting, in my opinion.

All of the schools have been renovated. Properties have been purchased. A new administration building is going up.