County residents should ‘start a revolution’ to halt city-county merger

To the editor:

I have read articles regarding the possible merger between the city of St. Louis and the county.

There have been several groups formed to oppose this possible merger. I am highly in full agreement.

For all county residents, it is very important to solve this problem before it gets on a statewide ballot. Do you honestly think that the other residents of Missouri care whether we merge with the city of St. Louis? It is highly possible that if this goes to a statewide vote, we will become part of the city of St. Louis.

The solution to this problem is fairly simple.

We need, by all means, before the Legislature places this on the ballot, a countywide vote to make us a separate county, such as Jefferson, Franklin or Dent. If we become a separate county away from the city of St. Louis, then there is no way we can be merged with the city.

County residents, this is going to happen unless we do something. Start a revolution to stop any attempt to merge.