We should ‘consider all ideas’ to keep students safer, writer says


To the editor:

I  am writing to respond to some points regarding the May 3 letter from Jim Kaznica.

The first is in reference to arming teachers in our schools.

Unfortunately, in this day, there are threats to students in our schools. I propose that we should consider all ideas that might help keep them safe, not nix any idea at the start.

The second point is that we agree, Jim, that people with mental-health issues should not have access to guns.  The NRA and members do not believe “everyone should have that right regardless of their mental state.”

The NRA has a history of promoting and teaching safe and legal handling of guns.    

The NRA is not the enemy of America’s citizens.

The third issue is with regard to the young man who shot so many at the Florida school.

If authorities had taken seriously his behavior and statements, he would not have been able to attain a gun.

It is the government, at many levels, that failed to stop him. Therefore, the government may claim they are protecting us, but then fail to do so.   

Now, calling people who disagree with you “deranged” will definitely shut the door to meeting one another with respect and moving forward on the things we agree on.

Finally, for those of us who support President Donald Trump, we do not support his bad behaviors.

But we do support his focus on America and doing the things he promised.

Helen Pfiffner