Comprehensive School Improvement Plan re-adopted by Lindbergh board members

The Lindbergh Board of Education re-cently voted to re-adopt the district’s Comp-rehensive School Improvement Plan.

The second annual review of the district’s Comprehensive School Improvement Plan, or CSIP, took place earlier this fall, according to a district news release. A committee of administrators, staff, parents and students met to review the plan, which will set the direction the district takes for the next three years. The plan is based on the district mission statement and goals.

The process began when the district examined state models for CSIP and created a committee to review the Lindbergh belief, vision and mission statements. The Board of Education adopted the district’s mission statement and reaffirmed belief and vision statements in December 2002.

The original five-year plan was created during the 2003-2004 school year.

The 2005-2006 CSIP review committee focused on the two primary goals for the district: student achievement and character education. This keeps the district on target and reflects its mission statement: “To de-velop competent and caring graduates through exceptional programs, services and personnel.”

The committee’s comments and suggestions revolved primarily around achievement, closing the achievement gap, and improving communication between school and home to enhance overall student performance, according to the release.

The administration took the committee’s suggestions and incorporated them into either the new CSIP document or building or department long-range plans.

“Our mission guides everything we do and every decision we make, and clearly sets the focus of the district on student performance and student character,” Assistant Superintendent for Personnel Rick Francis stated in the release. “It is a critical piece in developing a strategic plan for the district. Meeting the Missouri and federal mandates for student achievement is a testimony that the district’s strategic plan is working.”

The CSIP was re-adopted by the Board of Education Nov. 8.

“Doing good and not just doing well is important to the Lindbergh community,” board Vice President Ken Fey stated in the release. “That’s what makes the mission statement and the CSIP plan a perfect fit for Lindbergh.”