Columns add style to home interiors

When building or remodeling your house, consider this: Greek architecture has long provided inspiration for elements in many architectural styles for homes.

One of the most popular features of Greek architecture that is being used today dates back to the Parthenon and other prominent buildings of ancient Greece — columns.

Many of today’s homes are built or re-modeled with decorative columns as a key design feature. Whether you’re designing your dream home or remodeling an outdated room, some thoughtful tips about the proper usage of columns can help.

Columns readily are available in numerous species of wood, each with its own benefits. Wood columns offer timeless charm, beauty and character that only an all-natural material can exude.

Columns come in tapered and non-tapered profiles and the shaft, which is the core component of the column, can be round or square. The capital is the top part of a column and is a bit larger than the main shaft and normally quite ornamental. Capitals, as well as column bases, come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to create a truly unique look matching nearly every decor.

Columns commonly are found in grand entryways, foyers and porches. They also are well suited for defining formal spaces, highlighting focal points and establishing a visual transition between rooms.

Because open-floor plans and great rooms are common these days, one popular trend is to create a slight separation between spaces without losing the overall flow of the open-floor concept.