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Cloria Brown ‘made a positive difference for many,’ deserves honors


To the editor:

A March 21 letter by Judith Beckey and Jan Eberhardt states that they “fail to see” why a small portion of Lindbergh Boulevard should be named in the late state Rep. Cloria Brown’s honor, because, as Judith and Jan wrote, Rep. Brown “did nothing for the people she represented.”

Many of Rep. Brown’s constituents and friends beg to differ with Judith and Jan’s opinion.

First, Cloria Brown was a state representative, she was not a federal congresswoman, nor a federal U.S. senator and, since illegal immigration is a federal issue and is dealt with by federal laws, what was Cloria Brown expected to do as a state legislator in Jeff City?

Judith and Jan’s claim that state Rep. Brown could “do something” is an uninformed comment — not even the president can arbitrarily change federal law, and yet Judith and Jan are still “upset” that a state representative grew “flustered” (their term) when they demanded that she “do something” about the “illegals” in their area.

Cloria Brown was a dear friend of mine for 15 years and, truthfully, I never witnessed her being “flustered” about anything. Rather, Cloria was one of the most thoughtful, calm, levelheaded and unflustered women I ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Perhaps Judith and Jan were never supporters of Rep. Brown’s, which is fine, but for them to portray her in a manner that is subject to their subjective interpretation, for their own ends, is unbecoming.

Second, state Rep. Cloria Brown was instrumental in introducing state legislation that was passed and signed into law to fight against the human sex trafficking that is happening in Missouri. Judith and Jan, hopefully you will never have a child or relative who is sex trafficked, but if you ever do, and if they see a sign with a phone number to call for help, hopefully you will thank state Rep. Cloria Brown for that sign.

Third, maybe Judith and Jan should really ask the 163 state legislators, the 34 state senators and Gov. Mike Parson as to why Rep. Cloria Brown deserved this honor.

There was not a state representative nor a state senator in Missouri who voted against naming the road in her honor, and the governor signed that legislation into law.

Maybe the people who represent our state and who worked with Cloria daily in Jeff City can explain to you both their vote to honor Cloria Brown.

Finally, it’s so easy these days to criticize people, especially politicians, for “not doing anything.”

Maybe some people have become so jaded that when a person actually does for others and not for themselves, and who works hard to make a positive difference in the lives of those less fortunate, that some people fail to recognize it.

But to write that Cloria Brown “did nothing for the people she represented” indicates they are sorely misinformed.

The world needs more Cloria Browns, and less of those who write cruel letters about deceased people who tried to solve problems, who cared deeply about her fellow citizens, but who is currently unable to defend herself in print.

Celeste Witzel

Oakville Republican committeewoman

“Honored friend of Cloria Brown, who

made a positive difference for many”

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