Citizen offers her reflections from June 14 Crestwood board meeting

To the editor:

The following are reflections of mine from the June 14 Crestwood Board of Aldermen meeting.

At the end of the meeting Ward 3 Alderman Jerry Miguel read to the board and attendees the editorial of (Call Executive Editor) Mike Anthony and then the published letter from Mrs. (Martha) Duchild.

In both of these pieces it was presumed that the four aldermen who did not vote for Mr. (Doug) Mosby were doing so because Mayor Roy Robinson was not re-elected. Further, the writers and Mr. Miguel presumed that the four aldermen acted in a “no” vote because they had colluded with each other.

As a recap, it is presumed that none of the four aldermen who voted against Mr. Mosby were capable of making their own opinion, and that the same aldermen had positively voted for Mayor Robinson.

I was not aware that there was such psychic ability in our community.

After the appointment of Steve Knarr to the Ward 2 aldermanic seat vacated by Mayor Jeff Schlink, Mr. Miguel asked the mayor which alderman had suggested Mr. Knarr. He wanted to know which day and how many hours apart the calls were.

Is the dissension beginning again? Is it not possible for each board member to have their own opinions?

Carol Wagner


Editor’s note: Carol Wagner was appointed by former Mayor Roy Robinson to serve as chair of the Crestwood Civil Service Board.