Campisi doesn’’t turn a deaf ear to residents

To the editor:

Regarding former state Rep. Enz’s recent letter in the Call relative to Coun-cilman Campisi’s reputation for public service: I have recently been engaged in a series of back-and-forth e-mails to Coun-cilman Campisi on a matter on which we are presently on opposite sides or at least have differing viewpoints.

Regardless of how this matter turns out. I would like to second Rep. Enz’s good opinion of him. He has been unfailingly polite and prompt in responding to my letters and has even agreed to take an action that I have requested that may result in his changing his position. While we may never agree on the issue, it is quite likely that I would vote for him should he choose to run again since he is definitely not a politician who turns a deaf ear to his constituency.

Charles Roth