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Call starts new tradition of post-election awards

‘Call the Tune’ by Mike Anthony

Now that the April 4 election is over, the Call has decided to launch a new tradition and present some post-election awards.

Jane Kolb fell short in her bid to unseat Aaron Hilmer in the election for the Mehlville Fire Protection District Board of Directors, as Hilmer was elected to a third six-year term.

Kolb was assisted in her effort by former and current district employees.

• The Most Bitter and Disgruntled Former MFPD Employee Award is a toss-up between Jason Isgrigg and Brent Stensløkken, both of whom actively supported Kolb. But we’ll present the Most Bitter and Disgruntled Former MFPD Employee Award to Isgrigg, as we’ve reserved the Most Hatred of Hilmer Award for Stensløkken.

Given their rancor, we can only conclude the fire district is better off without them.

• The Hip-Deep BS Award goes to Kolb, who wrote, “I had some amazing meetings this week! Each meeting sheds light on MORE issues facing MFPD, and I somehow manage to still be surprised. Why do I have these meetings? Because I want to know if I need rain boots or waders when I’m elected and have to clean up this BS.

“Answer: waders!!! I urge the keyboard warriors out there to reach out to some of the first responders who have left, and do your research. I’m doing mine. How about you?”

Too bad Kolb decided to make employee turnover an issue before bothering to seek any information from the district. So much for doing her research. Or maybe it was just bad advice from Isgrigg and Stensløkken.

• The Sore Winner Award goes to Crestwood Mayor Gregg Roby.

Roby, who was unopposed last week for his second term as mayor, also saw voters approve a 45-cent tax-rate increase. You’d think Roby would be in a good mood, yet when contacted by the Call’s Gloria Lloyd, the just re-elected mayor expressed his unhappiness that the Call did not endorse the tax-rate increase.

Given that the measure will generate at least $1.13 million annually for the general fund, and that roughly 77 percent of general fund expenditures go to personnel costs, it would appear city employees are the big winners.

Cheer up, Gregg, it’s not that bad.

• The Most Gracious Winner Award goes to Nathan Lipe.

Lipe, who was elected Ward 3 alderman in Sunset Hills, appeared truly humbled to have won the election.

We believe this area needs more elected officials like him who truly want to serve their constituents.

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