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Call makes endorsements for Aug. 2 primaries


St. Louis County Executive

St. Louis County voters have four options for county executive in the Democratic and Republican primaries Aug. 2, with each bringing something unique to this election season.

On the Republican side, state Rep. Shamed Dogan, who represents Ballwin, Ellisville and other parts of West County in the state Legislature, is facing newcomer to public office and South County author Katherine Pinner. Dogan did not return The Call’s questionnaire, which makes him ineligible for endorsement. 

It is nice to see someone out of unincorporated St. Louis County running for office, especially since so much of South County is unincorporated and depend on county government for its needs. However, we do have some pause about someone who has never held public office before suddenly running for the highest office in the county. While we appreciate the ambition, we would like to see Pinner get to know the ins and outs of county government on all levels before tackling the exectutive’s office. The Call endorses no one in the Republican primary for county executive. 

On the Democratic side, incumbent Sam Page is facing a challenge from former assistant state attorney general Jane Dueker. 

Page was elected by the County Council to serve as executive following Stenger’s indictment and resignation in April 2019, and won election 2020 to carry out the rest of Stenger’s term that ends this year. 

Dueker, a lobbyist and attorney for Fraternal Order of Police, served as assistant Missouri attorney general and was the first female chief legal counsel for a Missouri governor under Jay Nixon, and was also chief of staff for Gov. Bob Holden. Lately, it seems as though Page’s campaign can’t escape from scandal. Tony Weaver, who was appointed by Page to oversee the Justice Center, was charged by federal prosecutors in a fraud scheme related to pandemic aid money for small businesses. His now former Chief of Staff Calvin Harris apparently recorded a video of himself in a sex act with a woman in his office on the ninth-floor of St. Louis County government building.

Not to mention Harris had only been in the position for six months.

On the other hand, it doesn’t appear that Dueker’s campaign has much substance beyond the fact that she is not Sam Page and she — along with everyone else in the region — want to address crime. In her questionnaire, much of her suggestions echoed things Page’s administration is already doing. We feel as though in this race it is not enough to simply not be the other candidate. 

Moving forward if Page wins the primary, we would like to see him willing to debate his opponents, regardless of the scandal of the day. Any candidate or politician proud of their actions in office should be eager to defend their decisions against their opponents. The Call endorses Page. 

96th Missouri House District

Voters in the Republican primary for the 96th House District have two strong candidates to choose from: Brad Christ and Mike Tsichlis. We believe both candidates would serve well in the House. 

However, in this race, The Call endorses Tsichlis for his experience in public office in South County, including his time on the Lindbergh Board of Education and alderman on the Crestwood Board of Aldermen. He is already familiar with some of the needs of South County constituents, which we feel gives him an edge.  

92nd Missouri House District

In this Democratic primary, the current incumbent Rep. Michael Burton did not return The Call’s questionnaire despite contacting him multiple times, making him ineligible for endorsement. His opponent Kenny Edgar, a director on the Affton school board who is endorsed by Sen. Doug Beck, D-Affton, made an effort to return The Call’s questionnaire. The Call endorses Edgar. 

24th Missouri Senate District

Following redistricting, Sunset Hills and portions unincorporated South County are in the 24th Senate District. Voters have two solid choices in the Republican primary: George Hruza and Brett Schenck. Based on his questionnaire and campaign, Hruza seems to be a bit more in-tune with district needs. The Call endorses Hruza. 

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