Blades’ Milk Day

Blades Elementary educators find ‘tasty’ way to teach about nutrition

Fifth-grade teachers at Blades Element-ary School recently discovered a “tasty” way to show their pupils the importance of nutrition when it comes to the milk group.

The teachers conducted a “Got Milk?” day for their pupils with activities including taste tests, milk mustache photos and a slogan-writing project.

With help from several parents, pupils took part in a taste test to determine which milk drink they most preferred. The Purple Moo Moo – a blended combination of grape juice and frozen yogurt – edged out the Blender Banana Blitz – made with bananas, milk, low-fat vanilla yogurt and vanilla extract – in a poll of the pupils.

After the taste test, each pupil took a turn trying to make the perfect milk mustache.

Using frozen yogurt in a paper cup to create a milk mustache, the pupils then posed for a photo and used the photo to create their own “Got Milk?” slogan.

A sample of the slogans are: “Moooove Over! I Want My Milk!” “Drink Milk – White Is Tight,” “Do You Think I Look Pretty Or Should I Drink More Milk?” and “No Mustache About It! Milk Builds Strong Teeth and Bones!”

Other projects completed by pupils during “Got Milk?” day were computing cal-ories by using math skills and calculators, taking a quiz on nutritional facts about milk and studying different food sources that add milk to a diet.

Fifth-grade Blades’ teachers taking part in “Got Milk?” day were Kay Cappos, Christina Downes, Sharon Guy and Jennifer Szydlowski.

The “Got Milk?” day project is the first of a four-part study on health and the food groups.

Other days scheduled for later in the school year are “Green” day, “Orange” day and “Grain” day.

Cody Allen gives the Purple Moo Moo a try during ‘Got Milk’ day festivities at Blades Elementary School.

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