Better Together statewide vote was like an assault on county’s citizens


To the editor:

Normally prior to a wedding, the bride and groom make themselves as attractive to each other as possible.  They are loving, respectful and accommodating toward each other.  Then, at the wedding ceremony, they profess eternal love and devotion to their union.  In other words, all their efforts prior to the marriage went into making each one irresistible to the other, culminating in the oft heard expression, “I can’t live without you!”

On the other hand, an assault like the current “Better Together” initiative is entirely a one-sided affair.  The assaulter harbors unfulfilled desires that have been fomenting in his/her life for years.  Having never properly addressed these needs, this person usually waits until they reach a critical level and then acts.  The mark is selected and dragged into an alley or onto a ballot, where the assault takes place.  The victim protests, “Why are you doing this to me?”  “You have something I want,” is the reply.

Hopefully in the end the “perp” loses everything and goes to jail.  But the mark is damaged for life being psychologically and physically traumatized, never being able to achieve their full potential as a productive human being or society.

You may well think my analogy is crude and offensive.  If so, I apologize.  But to me, so was the attempt by the “Better Together” folks to force a city/county merger by bypassing all of our citizens and asking the rest of the state for permission to consummate a union without first giving us a kiss or a proper courtship.

 My recommendation?  “If you want to get married, make love, not war.”

Milton Rudi