Believes community supports school district

To the editor:

Who doesn’t want to support the Mehl-ville School District?

With all the name calling lately, why not just list those that don’t want to support the school district? This has become ridiculous. I can speak from experience. I have pointed my finger and spoke at school board meetings. I am a “survivor” of Mehlville redistricting, and my kids weathered the change much better than I did, but I survived.

I challenge anyone to name one school district in this nation that’s No. 1 focus is not on the future of the students they will educate. I cannot believe the name calling and finger pointing with regards to the operations of the Mehlville School Dis-trict; I am a firm believer that this community supports its school district.

It is time for this community to come together and prove it. We all want the best for our children. We want our property values to continue to grow and we want our community to strive. The Mehlville School District is the foundation of this community. How can it not be with 10 elementary schools, four middle schools and two high schools?

Don’t kid yourselves folks, this school district is a big business and we need to remember it is a publicly funded business.

I don’t like increasing my taxes either, but times are changing and the costs that affect us as individuals affect our schools and their employees. If you have children in the Mehlville District, how can you not support its future success? That is a question we should all ask ourselves.

Stop the finger pointing and name calling. It’s OK to disagree, but it’s time to step up to the plate with sound alternative solutions or this community suffers as a whole — the Call needs to drop the bias and offer solutions too.

It’s OK for the school board to be divided at times when constructive reasons are given, but as a whole shouldn’t it champion the success of the district?

Paul B. Anderson