Article about Hilmer should have included more than one side says reader

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

Aaron Hilmer has accomplished much in his three terms on the Mehlville Fire Protection District board of directors, consistently advocating for taxpayers and against the blank check mentality on union-controlled boards in other districts.

That said, any first-year journalism student knows — or soon learns — that one-source stories cannot present a balanced report.

The Call’s April 27 story about Hilmer, “Fire director looking forward to serving district another six years,” with only his quotes, should have included, at a minimum, comments from the firefighters’ union. Input from citizens or other board members, current or former, would have made it even better.

Lacking that balance, the story came off as a soft kiss on the cheek.

I’m sure Hilmer appreciated it, but your readers deserve better.

Patrick Martin

Editor’s note: Patrick Martin is one of the founders of the Jefferson County Leader.