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Anthony ‘should grow up,’ worry about cleaning up his own industry

To the editor:

I’m a bit confused by the column titled “President-elect needs to act with dignity office demands” by Mike Anthony.

I just can’t figure out what dignity he is referring to. Perhaps the dignity Richard Nixon brought to the office, which ended in his impeachment?

Or maybe he was thinking of the dignity John Kennedy brought, with stories later revealed of his extramarital shenanigans.

I know, surely he was referring to the dignity brought by Bill Clinton, having sex with an intern in the Oval Office, then lying about it on national TV, and his subsequent impeachment?

The fact is, any dignity the office demands is long gone.

The office doesn’t demand it; it doesn’t even really expect it any more.

Mr. Anthony fails to realize that Twitter is now how many people speak to the masses.

He obviously got the information he based his piece on from Twitter. In fact on the same page as his piece, the Call invites readers to “visit our Twitter page.”

While I am not a Twitter user myself, I do see it as a viable form of communication, particularly among the younger generation.

At least this way, Mr. Trump can get his message out without it being filtered or edited as a newspaper writer sees fit.

Mr. Anthony thinks Trump’s words are an affront and undignified.

He points out that reports of corrupt politicians are a daily occurrence, yet I seem to be seeing an awful lot lately about “fake news,” even stories about Hillary Clinton and the Democrats blaming her loss on fake news. It seems the news business is suffering from a lack of dignity as well.

We live in a time where words seem to mean more than actions. Everyone is offended by everything.

According to Mr. Anthony, everything Trump is “fair game” in the media, but if he responds on Twitter it’s a “potshot” that is “unbecoming of the office.” Isn’t that a bit hypocritical?

One can argue that Mr. Trump doesn’t choose his words carefully, but it can also be argued that many voted for him because of that. He is unfiltered, unfettered, and many find that refreshing in these days of uber political correctness. Perhaps Mr. Anthony should grow up, listen to the message and not the way it is presented, and worry about cleaning up his own industry before pointing at others.

Brian Ingenthron

south county

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