A clean roof enhances home’s curb appeal

When it comes to curb appeal, many homeowners say it pays to start at the top.

They make sure their roof is clean and attractive with no mold or mildew stains, a news release stated.

Fortunately, that can be easier to accomplish than many realize.

Getting it clean

For roofs that are already stained, there’s a cleaner available that’s simple to apply with just a pump-type garden sprayer.

Unlike some cleaners that contain bleach, garden plants are unharmed by this particular brand of cleaner, according to the release.

Keeping it clean

Once you have a clean roof, zinc strips can prevent the return of algae, fungus or moss.

They work by releasing small amounts of harmless zinc oxide whenever rainwater comes in contact with the strips.

This invisible protection prevents the growth of vegetation for some 20 years.