‘”Wake up, Oakville Call,”’ letter writer states

To the editor:

Could someone at your paper please explain why your reporters have apparently scuttled into a journalistic black hole in regard to County Councilman John Cam-pisi’s failure to pay two years worth of payroll taxes to the city of St. Louis?

I find it rather odd that the Oakville Call finds no value in the subject of an elected official withholding thousands of dollars in tax monies rightfully due the city in which he does business.

Channel Five’s Mike Owens recently re-ported on the situation, and I don’t know which outrages me more: The fact that my own councilman is a tax “refusenik” — and shameless water thief, to boot, but, hey, at least he got the family pool filled for free — or the Oakville Call’s curious refusal to cover the story.

What will it take to stir your county government beat reporters to action?

A politician of a different party affiliation thumbing his nose at the system he claims to represent, perhaps? I wonder.

Wake up, Oakville Call.

Robert Ludvik