Will Crestwood citizens find mayor’s legacy entertaining?

Mike Anthony

Mike Anthony


Over the years, Crestwood mayors have used the city’s newsletter, Crestwood Connections, to inform the citizenry through a Mayor’s Message.

Past mayors have discussed such issues as ballot measures facing voters, the state of the city’s finances, new development and other issues of the day. Such messages were insightful, thought-provoking and relevant.

The same can’t be said of the messages written by current Mayor Roy Robinson as he continues to affirm his it’s-all-about-me approach to governing the city.

Roy’s messages more often than not are self-serving, inane and irrelevant.

However, they provide a remarkable window into his thought processes, which are extremely entertaining. For sheer comic relief, Roy’s messages just can’t be beat.

We certainly were amused by Roy’s message in the November/December issue of the city’s newsletter in which he lamented how the news media paints a misleading picture of the city’s finances and how residents should turn to him if they want “accurate data” about the city.

But Roy outdoes himself in the latest issue of the city’s newsletter, defending his actions, touting his accomplishments, taking credit for decisions made before he became mayor and attacking the media.

In fact, while we believe the latest message is more akin to political propaganda than an honest effort to inform residents, no one can deny its entertainment value.

In what could be characterized as a Capt. Queeg-like rant, Roy writes, “… I have tried to be responsive to all the news media that cover the city. Unfortunately, certain papers only print what they consider to be negative attributes of the city and avoid the positive progress we have made.”

Since Roy considers himself to be the city, perhaps those “negative attributes” include failing to cut expenditures to meet declining revenues, borrowing from cash reserves to balance the budget and trampling on the Open Meetings and Records Law, also called the Sunshine Law.

Roy pledges to continue the “progress” he says has been made.

“… I plan to continue to pursue these types of improvements throughout my second term. I hope that the vast majority of you have been and will continue to be pleased with the city’s progress.” Roy writes. “And if a certain member of the local news media is not, I think I can live with that.”

We just hope residents will be able to live with Roy’s legacy as mayor.